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When you are going to become a parent for the first time, you will start receiving advice from people about baby gears that you will need. A baby stroller is one of the baby gears that you will hear about most. It is definitely something that you will need to buy. We write an article about stroller buying guide for the convenient of the parents those who wants to buy a stroller but do not know how it will be.

Most first-time parents will feel the urge to buy every baby product they hear about. And you may feel the same way. But you should learn a few things about stroller before rushing off to buy the first stroller for the baby.

Baby strollers come in various types and models. They also offer different uses and features. But all of them can be divided into two sides based on the baby’s age. For newborns or infants aged 0-6 months, you will need a stroller that has a fully-reclining seat or supports infant car seat because newborns can’t sit due to weak head and neck muscles. You can also find bassinet stroller that uses bassinet instead of a usual seat. Bassinet strollers are intended for use by newborns. When babies are older than 6 months or can sit on their own, they can use traditional strollers comfortably. Many reliable and authentic baby stroller reviews suggest that strollers for toddlers are better if they’re lightweight and compact.

Strollers come in different price ranges. You can get an infant or toddler stroller for as less as 30$ and can spend more than 1200$ if you have the budget. Spending more on a stroller is often a luxury that you may not need.

By this point, you probably have a clearer idea about baby strollers. But buying them can still be tricky. To make this process simpler, 10 tips are listed below that will ease your worries. These tips will also help you get the perfect stroller for your baby only if you follow them.

1. Consider Buying a Travel System

Travel systems are a combination of a stroller, infant car seat and car seat base. They are sold at a much lower price. It is a good way to save money as each of the products would cost more if you buy them separately. The advantage of a stroller travel system mainly is that you can attach the car seat to the stroller to walk with your newborn. When he or she grows up, you can remove the car seat and use the stroller only. You also won’t have to worry about car seat and stroller compatibility either which is only valid if you buy a stroller and car seat combo.

2. Make a Budget

Unless you can spend without worrying about the price, it is always good that you make a budget and stick to it. Strollers vary widely in price and use different materials according to that. Spending a bit more can give you better and longer service. It also doesn’t mean that you need to go overboard. Higher priced strollers use an aluminum frame, foam-filled seat etc. Lower-priced strollers use plastic materials. If you live in an area with smooth roads or pavement and will not use the stroller in rough surface or off-road, the expensive all-terrain stroller may be a waste of your money.

3. Compare Weight and Size

Pushing the stroller can be difficult if the stroller is too heavy or bulky. You won’t be able to steer it properly if the stroller is too wide. Also, when folding the stroller, the size of the folded stroller should be as small as possible; this will make the storing process easier. Remember that heavier stroller makes the ride smoother for the baby. On the contrary, lighter stroller makes controlling, pushing and steering the stroller easier. In addition, consider if you need to carry the stroller every day or for long amounts of time. If you do, lightweight stroller or umbrella stroller will suit you better.

4. Pick One That Offers Convertibility

Generally speaking, buying a single stroller is the common choice of everyone. Unless you have twins, there is no reason for you to go for a double or tandem stroller. At the same time, having the option of converting a single stroller to a double stroller or adding an extra seat with the existing seat in the stroller to make a stroller for two is quite helpful. It will come in handy if you choose to have another baby a year later. It is also more budget-friendly. You will not need to buy a separate double stroller later.

5. Features and Accessories Only Matter if they are Useful

Strollers offer features to stand out in front of other competitors. Some strollers offer a reversible seat, some offer removable child bar or snack bar and some offers other features. These features may seem attractive but not all of them are useful. Check stroller reviews to see if those features are actually useful or a hassle in reality. Same goes for stroller accessories. For example, stroller fan is a luxury if you’re living a country with comparatively lower temperature. Deciding on which feature or accessory is a necessity or a luxury is entirely up to you. For instance, GPS tracking system for the baby stroller is not inexpensive. Yet it can become a necessity for parents who are too concerned with their baby’s safety.

6. Find Out the Storage Capacity

Every time you take your baby out of the house, you need to carry baby products like diapers, baby blanket, feeding bottle, milk for baby etc. Carrying all these items while pushing the stroller is a big hassle. All baby strollers usually have an under the seat basket to provide storage option. The larger basket you can get, the better it will be. Moreover, you can buy a good or even the best stroller organizer available on market for a relatively small price. And stroller organizers attaches to the stroller quite easily. This will fulfill your need for extra storage.

7. Opt for Stroller Frame

In case you are either still in doubt about choosing a proper stroller or have a lower budget, you can buy a stroller frame. It will work as an infant stroller after you attach the infant car seat to it. Although it is most likely that your baby will outgrow infant car seat after six months. As a consequence, stroller frames will be useless after six months too. Still, a stroller frame is a stable and quick option. Especially if you need more time to choose a standard stroller or gain a better understanding of yours and baby’s need.

8. Select Comfortable Handlebar Height and Folding Mechanism

Pushing a baby stroller takes energy. It can become more difficult if the handlebar is too low for a taller person or too high for shorter parents. The ideal positioning of the stroller handlebar is at the waist level or just below it. Adjustable handlebar will make the strolling experience comfortable and a lot less tiring. Coming to the folding mechanism, strollers with one hand fold option is very convenient for parents especially mothers. It also makes the whole process quicker. So, take a stroller that has adjustable handlebar and an easy folding mechanism. That will maximize your comfort.

9. Consider the Terrain

Based on where you live, the terrain outside can be pretty rough or smoothly paved. You need to buy a stroller that can handle the terrain you will stroll on. If you live in an area with an unpaved surface, strollers with small plastic wheels just won’t cut it for you. Plastic wheels can go easily over bump-free surfaces, whereas they will erode or break down if used on rough terrain. Air-filled rubber tires are more suitable for rough terrains but they can get punctured. Foam-filled tires are the best for all-terrain use. But keep in mind that they are most expensive. If you plan to use a stroller when it snows, you will need a stroller that has large wheels.

10. Test the Floor Model

There is no other way of ensuring a stroller’s quality other than testing it. You must visit a nearby shop and test the floor model before buying a stroller. Empty strollers are too easy to push. So, put some things in the stroller to make it heavier and then push it around. See if it moves freely and smoothly. Try steering the stroller right and left and see if the handlebar is comfortable for you. Fold the model to see how easy it is to fold. If the store allows, check if the folded stroller fits in your car.
If you are buying any stroller accessories like a fitness tracker for a jogging stroller, make sure you test them at the store too. Last but not the least; make sure the stroller meets the current safety standards.


It is very common that the parents feel confused before buying any product for their baby. A baby carriage or a baby stroller doesn’t differ much from that case scenario either. If you take a good decision regarding which stroller to buy, it will be very fruitful. It can make going out with your child a lot less complicated. On the other hand, a bad decision can result in a waste of money, time and bitter riding experience.

Various types of strollers such as single, double or triple strollers, jogging strollers, travel systems etc. are currently available in the market. We have analyzed through many of these strollers. And after researching and going through long selection processes, we made this article that contains 10 tips on buying a stroller. These tips are not only informative but also helpful. They can guide you through any obstacle you face when you go to buy a baby stroller. Follow these tips from a-to-z and apply them to yourself or your needs before buying a stroller. Any stroller that you buy afterward will undoubtedly be one of the best baby strollers which would be perfect for you.

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