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A baby stroller often called as a baby pram by many is a baby travel product that makes going out with children easier.
A stroller is a carriage with wheels for pushing baby or toddler around. You can’t always leave your child at home. There will be times when you will need to take him or her with you. Travelling or going out with a child is never easy. It can get tiresome and more often than not, you’ll wish for alternatives that could ease this daunting task and a baby stroller is perfect for that.

If you have a baby, you will need a stroller. It is that simple. But what isn’t simple is choosing the right baby stroller. You will find many strollers that are different in shape, size, type, and purpose. You must consider quite a few things that will help you choose the stroller that serves your interests. Since your child will spend a lot of time riding in a stroller, you must be wise in evaluating your options and choices.

Before starting with the basics of choosing a stroller, you should know that there is no perfect stroller. Strollers offer different features and advantages and you will not be able to get all those. For example, if you want a durable, strong stroller, you will need to compromise on the weight of the stroller. That is because heavier strollers are usually stronger and more durable. But don’t lose hope as you can still find a stroller that can totally satisfy you. Now let’s have a look at how you can choose the baby stroller.

Pick the Budget

You may think that you can get a great stroller for a small price but the truth is, strollers can be expensive. You can find strollers that are cheap and the price starts from around 30$ and high-end strollers can cost more than 1000$.
Lightweight strollers are the cheapest and can cost from 30$ to 200$. They will not offer you every feature but will be enough for casual use. All-purpose strollers can range from 150$ to 1000$+.

Jogging strollers are not cheap either. They can cost anything between 150$ to 300$ and some go higher than 500$ too. Unless you’re seriously planning on jogging with your child, you can avoid jogging strollers.
Double or triple strollers cost more than single strollers. You will see double strollers costing upwards of 800$ and some cheap double stroller starts at around 150$.

A good baby travel system will have a price tag of 150$ and a few are available for as low as 110$. Comparatively, travel systems are cheaper and save you more money.
We recommend that you do not go for the cheap baby stroller. The cheaper the stroller, the shorter it will last. Purchasing cheap stroller forces you to make a compromise on the quality and comfort while a pricier stroller will last longer and offer more service thus being a good bargain in the long run.

Decide Stroller Type Based on Your Purpose

It is always a good start to select the type first. As you know, you will find a lot of stroller options available that targets specific needs of parents and babies. Take a look at the types of the stroller in the offering.

Standard or Single Strollers

Standard or single strollers can carry only one child. They offer different features but all include a padded seat. Strollers for infant and newborns have fully-reclining seat which is a must if you want to go out with your newborn.

Standard or single strollers also come in a few different types such as umbrella and lightweight strollers. Umbrella strollers are often lightweight and have curved handles and canopy shaped like an umbrella. If you want more maneuverability and a less expensive option, the lightweight stroller can be a good choice. Graco stroller or Baby Trend stroller is two of the many good quality strollers you can pick from.

Convertible Stroller

There is also convertible stroller available that can transform from a single stroller to double stroller for infant and toddler. This type of stroller is helpful if you have or plan to have more than one child and use one stroller for both of your children.

Car-Seat Stroller Frames

This type of stroller provides a stroller frame that supports infant car seats. These strollers do not have any seat of their own. You simply pick up the infant car seat from the seat base in the car and attach it to the stroller frame for which this stroller is also called snap and go stroller. These stroller frames let your baby stay in his or her car seat while strolling. This type of stroller has the usability of only one year or less. So, this clearly is not a great option unless you are willing to buy a different stroller later.

Baby Travel System

The baby travel system is not just a stroller. Travel system strollers are a set of three different items: a stroller, an infant car seat and a car seat base for your car. Travel systems are generally larger and take more space. The stroller in a travel system is suitable for toddlers as well. For this, travel systems are usable even after your infant grows up. Travel system costs less as you are getting three products together. Also, this type of baby strollers with car seat combo is very convenient for use.

Jogging Strollers

These strollers have another name, running strollers. Usually, these are 3-wheel strollers and you can stroll fairly fast with them. Jogging strollers allow parents to exercise while they take their babies out for a stroll. A jogging stroller comes with a lightweight frame and has a lockable front wheel, air-filled tires, and brakes for controlling the stroller. A double jogging stroller can carry two children at the same time and if you have triplets, a triple jogging stroller is also available. If you are a fitness enthusiast, jogging stroller can be very useful for you.

There is also a different type of stroller called skateboard baby stroller. This is a very uniquely designed stroller which is a combination of a skateboard and a baby stroller. You can skate and take your baby for a stroll with this innovative skateboard baby stroller.

Double or Triple Stroller

These two variations of stroller do exactly what you are guessing. Double strollers can carry two children, while triple stroller can carry three. There are two designs of the double or triple stroller, side-by-side and front and back. Side-by-side double stroller features two seats attached together and has comparatively same features and handling of standard strollers. This is the best type of stroller for twins. Triple stroller or triplet strollers are for carrying triplets but often triplet strollers are too bulky for parents.

Tandem stroller is the more popular name of double baby strollers. They usually have one infant seat and another one directly behind the first one. The most tandem stroller offers a variety of seat arrangements such as setting the two seats to let the passenger face each other. In some tandem such as Graco double stroller, you can remove the back seat to create a sit and stand stroller. This feature allows grown-up children or toddlers to stand in the back of the stroller. You can find some tandems that can support three children too. Steering double or triple strollers can be quite difficult and they take up more space. On the positive side, if you have twins or triplets, or an infant and a toddler, this type of strollers might suit your needs more.

The baby strollers mentioned above are the basic types of baby stroller available on the market. Choose the type that suits you the most. Moving on, after choosing the type, there are still a few more things you need to go through.

Transportability Matters While Choosing a Stroller

There is no point in buying a stroller if you can’t push it around freely and without a hassle. That is why wheels and suspensions of a stroller are very important. Better wheels and suspension means better, smoother riding and flawless movement on any terrain.

Cheap strollers use small plastic wheels that can only work well on smooth surfaces. Plastic wheels can’t handle any rough terrain. You will not even be able to stroll in a park properly with smaller plastic wheels.

Air-filled rubber tires are suitable for strolling on any surface quite comfortably. Unless you live in an area where sideways and roads are smooth and paved, choosing a stroller with air-filled rubber tires is an automatic decision. More expensive strollers, otherwise known as luxury strollers use foam filled tires that are undoubtedly best. They can go just about anywhere without the fear of tire-puncture, unlike air-filled tires.

Coming to suspensions, they make the ride smooth for the baby. If there is no suspension of the wheels, any bump that you walk into will be rougher and hurtful for the baby. Strollers with no suspension are only useful for smooth surfaces just like a stroller with plastic wheels. On the other hand, most strollers have suspension either on the front or the back wheels which can easily face regular situations. The all-wheel suspension gives the smoothest strolling experience and can go off-road equally. Strollers with air or foam-filled tire and all-wheel suspension are also known as an all-terrain stroller.

Many strollers especially running strollers come with brakes so you can stop the stroller instantly. Strollers with foot breaks are easier to use when walking. Hand-operated brakes are preferable for jogging strollers.

Safety Comes First

Your child is like a precious cargo that needs maximum protection. You will need a stroller that can keep your baby safe under all circumstances. Spending big is useless if it doesn’t guarantee maximum safety so you need to choose a stroller that has all necessary safety precautions and features.

The best option for ensuring safety is to find a stroller that has passed the safety tests set by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to ensure it meets current safety standards. Also, choose a product that isn’t old or violates current safety standards.

A safe stroller should have a flawless locking system so that there won’t be any risk of the stroller folding or collapsing with the baby on it. The frame materials must be free from toxic chemicals or lead etc. There are past cases where baby strollers amputated fingers of children so choose a stroller that has no sharp edges and gaps that can put the baby at risk.

Whether you’re getting an infant stroller or toddler stroller, a safety harness is a must. The five-point safety harness is clearly the more beneficial choice as it is safer than a three-point safety harness. The safety harness should be adjustable so it can fit your growing child snugly. For a newborn stroller, the seat must recline flat.

Additional Features You May Need

Various stroller brands offer strollers for sale with features that make the use of the product more convenient for the parent and comfortable for the baby. Some additional features that you might need to choose for a stroller are pointed out below:

  • Larger canopies provide more protection from sunlight for the baby. Some canopies have mesh window panel that offers visibility for parents and more air flow. The canopies are also adjustable or removable usually.
  • For people of average height, the handle position in most strollers will not be a problem. But for shorter or taller people, adjustable handle height is a good feature. The handles are generally supposed to be at the pusher’s waist level for toil free
  • Travel stroller or compact stroller with smaller folded size is easier to carry and store. If you are flying somewhere while taking a stroller, foldable stroller that fits in a smaller space will have a better chance of approval for taking it on the plane.
  • Storage is a necessity for strollers. You often have to carry things such as diapers, extra clothes etc. for your child. Storage space under the seat means you can keep your hands free from carrying extra baggage.
  • Fabrics and padding are very important for the comfort of the child. So you’ll have to choose the type that will not irritate the baby and provide a comfy surface for sitting or napping of your baby


If you follow this buying tips then it will be easier for you to Buy a stroller for newborn or toddler for the first time is difficult. It is an important part of baby gears that you will eventually need if not from the first day.

Choosing the stroller is a decision that you will need to make before actually buying the stroller. If you read this article carefully, you will learn a lot about strollers and what you need to consider while choosing one of the best baby strollers. Follow the information and suggestions mentioned above in this article while making your list of choice and take the best option that comes closest to your expectations. It is sure that your baby will enjoy seeing the landscapes and nature while riding in the stroller of your choice.

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